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BGA Winning Interview

An interview allows the organisation to evaluate your skills, experience, personality and suitability for their vacancy. It also gives you the chance to assess the company and career opportunity in person. Before attending an interview you should always research the organisation. Learning about new products and services, awards, press releases and achievements via their website or the internet per say gives you a competitive advantage. Asking questions based on your new-found knowledge demonstrates motivation and how interested you are in the company and the position.

Top Tips:

  • Be prepared and Research the business.
  • Know why you are seeking new employment.
  • Your motivation and interest in the business is key (Why do you want to work for them?).
  • The image you portray is paramount - Make a positive first impression by dressing the part.
  • The ultimate goal of any interview is how the interviewees perceive and receives you.
  • Listen carefully to the questions, compose yourself and answer accordingly.
  • Discuss your achievements.
  • Know your Strenghts.
  • Know your weaknesses.
  • Do NOT smoke before the interview.
  • Relax, Maintain eye contact and remember to smile.
  • Familiarise yourself with your CV before you attend any interviews, then when it comes to describing yourself, it will flow naturally. And in all of your answers, remember to highlight your strengths whilst being honest.
  • Remember to take your qualifications and a form of ID with you.

For a comprehensive Interview briefing please feel free to contact BGA and one of our Consultants will be happy to provide more insight into a winning interview.

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