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BGA Cover Letter Tips

The ultimate CV needs a great introduction. That is where a strong covering letter or email comes in. Remember, its purpose is to convince the reader you that are the person for their specific job, so aim to create an impact and be memorable. Make sure you concentrate on matching your skills to the position along with convincing them why you should be selected for an interview.

There are three key points to remember when writing your Cover Letter or Email:

  • Remind the recruiter what they are looking for, highlight how you fit the job description, demonstrate why you are the best choice.
  • Keep these points in mind when writing your cover letter:
  • Push your strengths. Your covering letter should draw attention to your most relevant skills and achievements.
  • Make it personal. Do not send out identical covering letters without any detail about the employer.
  • Consider explaining CV gaps. You can use a covering letter to explain gaps in your CV, such as unemployment, gap years or time spent in prison.
  • Provide information about your disability. If you have a disability, it’s up to you whether you mention this in the covering letter or in your CV or not at all – you’re not legally obliged to do so. Disclosing your disability at application stage can give you an opportunity to say which skills you have learnt as a result of your disability.
  • Use the right language and tone. When applying for most jobs, use clear, business-like language.
  • Check it and then check it again! Always check your covering letter for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Keep it brief. Keep your covering letter short and succinct. A maximum of five short paragraphs on a single page is sufficient. It is easy for employers to read it quickly.
  • Keep the format consistent. If you use the same font and text size on your covering letter and CV it will look neat and professional.

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