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BGA Core Values

COVID19: BGA / Bosch Global Associates are providing their Recruitment Services as per normal throughout the Covid19/SARS-CoV-2 Global Pandemic. BGA / Bosch Global Associates are equipped with the Latest Technology to provide the same recruitment service on a global scale and spectrum. Their Specialist Recruitment Services are available without any delay to both "Candidates" and "Clients" on all 7 continents. For any Questions or Queries, please Email them in the first instance at healthcare@boschglobal.com or info@boschglobal.com

BGA prides itself on the following core values whilst providing a cutting edge recruitment service:

We take personal responsibility for delivering results.

We constantly strive to develop and deliver creative and dynamic solutions.

We are trustworthy, honest and sincere.

Strong dose of intellectual curiosity with breadth knowledge to work with or lead educated and trained people in today’s complex world.

Handle stress and setbacks, and enjoy success with equal parts of joy and humility.

Ability to thrive in action and relish change. Starts the day with enthusiasm and ends the day with spirit. Tolerate adversity, withstand resistance. Stamina, strength and vigour. Loves life in general.

Ability to get people inspired. To do the impossible. People with zest and drive.

Know when to make tough calls even when all the information is not present. A competitive sharpness and a will to win. Strive for victory.

Putting decisions into action and pushing them forward to completion, through resistance, chaos, or unexpected obstacles. Winning is about results.

Heartfelt, deep, authentic excitement about work. Care about colleagues winning, Love to learn and grow. Love seeing people around them succeed. Tend to be passionate about everything in life.

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”


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